Call for Nominations to the NAHC Board of Directors

Deadline Extended: Friday, September 4, 2020

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is asking for nominations of five candidates to serve on the NAHC Board of Directors.

The NAHC Board of Directors is comprised of fifteen directors, including nine elected and six appointed members. These positions are staggered to allow for a three-year election cycle with two appointments and three elections held annually. The board was designed this way to instigate new ideas and empower NAHC membership to govern and guide the association to improve the provision of Home Care and Hospice.

For reference, the Board had been restructured from twenty-eight to the current configuration of fifteen members in 2019.

NAHC is seeking nominations of candidates for the three open three-year Board seats in this
2021 election cycle. The three seats that are up for election this year represent members in the following sections: Business Partners, Private Duty, and National Providers.

NAHC also seeks recommendations for the two appointed positions. These nominees can come from any section of NAHC membership. Candidates not selected for the election process will automatically be considered as well for an appointment to the Board for the two open positions.

The purpose of the combination of elected and appointed Board membership is to ensure that the Board has the well-rounded talent to best serve the NAHC membership. Appointments are based on an evaluation of the elected board member skill sets and the focus of their specific representative capacities. The appointments are intended to fill any gaps in needed skills and sector representation. Appointments will be made by the 2020 Board members following a review of the election outcomes.

Terms of office are for three years with a limit of two consecutive terms. Board eligibility is reestablished after three years off the Board.

Under normal circumstances, the Board meets at least six times per year, with three in-person meetings and three virtual meetings. In COVID times, the board has been very active supporting NAHC with a higher frequency of virtual meetings with in-person meetings moved to virtual events. Please note that NAHC’s Board is highly dedicated, active, and involved in governance activities intermittently throughout the year. All candidates should consider the time commitment before accepting the nomination.

The election and appointment process is managed by the NAHC Governance and Nominating Committee that is charged with an ongoing responsibility of achieving a high performing Board.

The Committee cultivates and selects the Board candidates for election or consideration for an appointment. The Committee also takes steps to encourage highly-active participation and engagement of NAHC members in the Board elections and NAHC governance.

Election eligibility is based on two factors. First, the individual must be employed by a NAHC member organization in good standing. Second, the individual must be running for a Board seat that is consistent with their selected voting section in NAHC. Members designate the one voting section they will participate in. If the member could fit in more than one section, the member must select just one for voting and board qualification purposes.

The 3 elected Board positions up for election this year are as follows:

  1. NAHC Business Partner Provides items or services that support the delivery of home care, home health, and/or hospice services by NAHC provider members.
  2. Private Duty Provider. The Member provides private duty personal care or professional services to private pay clients.
  3. National Provider–The Corporate Member operates as a home health agency, home care provider, or hospice in multiple states and has annual revenue from those services of $500 million or greater.

The NAHC Governance and Nominating Committee is seeking a diverse group of experienced candidates. Top applicants will demonstrate a passion for home care and hospice and a track record of exemplary leadership. We seek innovators and people who will represent NAHC membership with foresight and integrity.

If you know a leader of leaders (or are one yourself), please consider a nomination. If you are interested but feel it’s not the right time for nomination, we invite you to consider participating on one of NAHC’s many councils or committees. That is an excellent way to contribute while gaining a better understanding of NAHC.

The nomination period begins Monday, August 17th, and concludes Friday, September 4, 2020.

Nominations are to be submitted electronically through the NAHC Online Nominations Portal.

Please be prepared to submit a personal statement regarding the nominee’s expected
contribution to NAHC governance, relevant leadership experience, an updated/current Resume or CV, and a high-resolution headshot.

Election results will be announced at the Opening General Session of the 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference by the Chairman of the Governance and Nominating Committee.