As we approach the holiday season, we begin to reflect on what has transpired in our lives over the previous months in 2020.

Thanksgiving is one of those times where that reflection centers on all those people who helped make things better for others. This year has been a very special one in that respect with the worldwide pandemic. While we may have so much to be thankful for in our personal lives such as an incredible family, good health, and strong friendships, we at NAHC offer the following further thanks on this special day.

  • Thanks to the frontline caregivers and essential workers who have stepped up to face the challenges of COVID-19 to protect and serve all of us, even to the point of giving their lives in service to others. There are many home care friends and colleagues among them. These heroes should always be in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Thanks to family and friends of home care patients throughout the nation as they doubled down on their caring spirit during the pandemic. Home care would not be what it is without them. They have long been at the core of home care.
  • Thanks to the community of home care for your boundless creativity, resilience, persistence, and relentless efforts to find the paths to high-quality care in the face of unprecedented adversity. Whether it was in the pursuit of PPE to protect patients and staff, the initiation of telehealth services to maintain care delivery, or addressing a new patient population infected with a deadly virus, you demonstrated all across the country that the value of care in the home is unrivaled.
  • Thanks to legislators, regulators, and health care payers for quickly recognizing the need for innovation and flexibility in our health care system to support the delivery of care throughout the pandemic and the preservation of our health care for tomorrow as well.
  • Thanks to all those throughout the world who recognize we are at our greatest strength when we work together for the common good and for the generations to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill Dombi
President, NAHC