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Call for Nominations to the NAHC Board of Directors

August 23, 2018

NAHC Statement on Call for Nominations to the NAHC Board of Directors

Posted on August 23, 2018

PRESS RELEASE For additional information:

Thomas Threlkeld
Director of Communications

Washington, D.C., August 23, 2018: 

Call for Nominations to the NAHC Board of Directors

A crucial component in the creation of NAHC 2.0 is a new streamlined Board of Directors to lead the National Association of Home Care & Hospice into the future. Accordingly, the Board is being restructured from 28 seats to 15 seats, with nine elected members and six appointed members.

NAHC is now putting out a call for nominations and recommendations for appointment for the 10 open two-year and three-year board seats in this 2019 transition process. Candidates not selected for the election process will be considered as well for appointment to the Board for the five open positions. Terms of office are for three years with a limit of two consecutive terms. Board eligibility is re-established after three years off the Board.

The nomination period begins Tuesday, August 7th and concludes on Friday, August 24, 2018. The nominations will be submitted electronically through THIS WEBSITE.

The streamlined Board of Directors will be a more vibrant an active governing body for NAHC. The Executive Committee has been eliminated to bring the full Board into the decision making process driving the organization at all times. This fits with the NAHC 2.0 culture of true ownership of NAHC by the membership.

The new Board will meet six times a year, three times in person and three times remotely, using modern communication technology.

The purpose of the combination of elected and appointed Board membership is to ensure that the Board has well-rounded talent to best serve the NAHC membership. Appointments are based on an evaluation of the elected board member skill sets and the focus of their specific representative capacities. The appointments are intended to fill any gaps in needed skills and sector representation. Appointments will be made by outgoing Board members following a review of the election outcomes.

Throughout, the Board process will be managed by the new Governance and Nominating Committee charged with an ongoing role of achieving a high performing Board. The Committee will be responsible for cultivating and selecting Board candidates for election or consideration for an appointment. The Committee will also take steps to encourage highly-active participation and engagement of NAHC members in the Board elections and NAHC governance.

The 2019 NAHC Board of Directors election will occur in September 2018 and will be the first under the new restructured NAHC Board. Elected Board members will represent distinct sectors within home care and hospice as described below. The six appointed positions will be based on a set of criteria that are intended to result in a well-rounded, diverse, and comprehensive set of skills on the Board.

The 2019 NAHC Board will be empaneled to permit staggered terms. Specifically, five of the 15 members will be appointed to one-year terms. Those appointments will come from existing Board members with unexpired current terms to ensure some Board membership continuity. With the 2019 election/appointment cycle, 5 two-year and five three-year term positions will be elected and appointed overall.

Election eligibility is based on two factors. First, the individual must be employed by a NAHC member in good standing. Second, the individual must be running for a Board seat that is consistent with their selected voting section in NAHC. Members designate the one voting section they will participate in. If the member could fit in more than one section, the member must select just one for voting and board qualification purposes.

The 9 elected Board positions are as follows:

Home Health — The Company operates as a Medicare or Medicaid participating home health agency.

Hospice— The Company operates as a Medicare or Medicaid participating hospice.

Private Duty — The Company provides private duty personal care services to private pay clients.

National Provider — The Company operates as a home health agency, home care provider, or hospice in multiple states and has annual revenue from those service of $550 million or greater.

Integrated Health System Provider — The Company provides four or more different health care services that include at least one home care related service.

State Association—the organization represents the interests of home care, home health, and or hospice on a state level.

Solutions Partner — The Company is a NAHC Business Partner Member providing items or services that support the delivery of home care, home health, and/or hospice services by NAHC provider members. (Two NAHC Board positions for this member category.)

At-Large— Any individual eligible for any of the other elected Board seats is eligible for this Board seat.

Special Designated Appointment Position — Any individual affiliated with a health care entity, including providers, payers, insurers, and managed care organizations that is not directly involved in home care, home health services, or hospice.

The NAHC Board invites all eligible individuals to considering participating as a member of the Board in NAHC 2.0. It is an exciting time for the home care and hospice community as NAHC moves into a new generation as the leading voice for home care and hospice in Washington. There is a heightened energy around all the new opportunities that NAHC 2.0 brings and those opportunities are best realized through a strong and vibrant Board of Directors.