Examination Registration and Testing Procedures

Home Care University offers the examination online. The candidate will be given an access code to access the test once registration, including the payment, has been received and processed.

It is a three (3) hour timed test, and you are unable to stop the test once it has begun. There will be a clock counting down in the corner so you know the time remaining to finish the examination. You may skip a question and go back to it later, but you cannot pause the test. You are encouraged to plan ahead for a 3 hour time frame when you will not be disturbed.

Please note:

  • There is not the opportunity to retest without another registration payment.
  • The registration access code is valid for one year from the date it is emailed to you.
  • Examination material is not available to the candidate for review at any time during the exam.

Score Reporting

Passing Standards

When testing for certification, it is important to determine whether a candidate has the knowledge to administer a home care or hospice organization, not whether the candidate performs better or worse than others who take the test.

The CHCE examination measures the knowledge needed in practice, and represents a standard of performance that CHCE subject-matter experts agree is the minimum acceptable level for certification in the profession. To establish pass/fail standards, a panel of home care and hospice care executives has reviewed the content of the exam questions. The independent judgments of the panel members are aggregated to determine the passing score of the exam.

Pass/Fail Notice

Candidates will receive notification of their pass/fail status immediately upon completion of their examination.

Candidates who pass will be notified with the word, “Pass”.

Those who fail will be given an overall scaled score for the items they answered correctly.  Failing candidates will also receive diagnostic information in each of the content areas. All candidates will be provided information on the next step in the certification or examination process. Appointments for retesting must be made in the same manner as described earlier.

How to Prepare for the Examination

Examination Structure

Each CHCE examination contains 223 questions.

Each question can be answered independently of all other questions.

Examination Content Areas

The certification exam will be a written test consisting of multiple-choice questions based on the topics in the content outlined. The test may include questions on any of the topics included on the outline. The examination is designed to test the knowledge used to perform the job functions of a home care or hospice executive.

Test-taking Strategies

The following strategies will help candidates during the examination. Candidates should:

  • Relax during the examination. Candidates will be more mentally alert if they reduce physical stress through relaxation.
  • Find the right work pace. Don’t rush or go too slowly. Find a pace that is comfortable.
  • Follow directions and work carefully.
  • Read all options for each question before marking an answer.
  • Eliminate the least likely answers first.
  • Remember each question has only one correct answer. Try not to speculate on additional conditions or exceptions that are not stated in the question.
  • Skip difficult questions or mark them for review and come back to them later.
  • If not sure of an answer, make an informed guess, rather than omitting an answer. Omitted answers and wrong answers are both counted as wrong responses. Passing the examination is based on the total number of correct responses.

Preparation Suggestions

The following suggestions may help candidates prepare themselves for the examination:

  • Review the content of the study guide to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Obtain appropriate review materials. Candidates should identify resources that can assist in review of less familiar areas of content.
  • Review less familiar areas of content with the appropriate personnel in the organization. For example, interviewing the CFO or financial manager could help strengthen the administrator’s knowledge of finance and reimbursement content.

Summary of Fees

 NAHC MembersNon-Members
Application Fee$20$50
Certification Fee$200$500
Re-Test Fee$200$500
by CEs and Points$250$500

Remember, the certification examination is not a competition. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can pass the examination.