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The NAHC Private Duty Home Care Certification is the only national certification created by private duty leaders, exclusively for the private duty home care community. The certification offers providers the opportunity to differentiate and distinguish themselves from competitors by demonstrating their commitment to quality through formal certification.

Private Duty Home Care Certification requires each agency location to undertake a comprehensive self-examination of a number of aspects of the business and to submit documents showing adherence to the program standards in each category to be reviewed by dedicated private duty staff at the National Association for Home Care & Hospice.


Through certification, private duty home care agencies distinguish themselves from their peers and demonstrate that they meet high standards of quality, safety, and credibility, practicing at the top of the industry. A successfully certified agency:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality and service delivery excellence.
  • Demonstrates to clients and families that your caregivers are direct employees and that you carry workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and an employee dishonesty bond.
  • Demonstrates that your caregivers receive background checks, screening, and proper training for their job.
  • Proves your commitment to following ethical and legal guidelines in your business operations.
  • Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace and can contribute to securing new business.
  • Enhances staff recruitment and development by showing your commitment to fair labor standards


Private Duty Home Care Certification is offered complimentary for all NAHC members. Non-members incur a $750.00 fee for certification that must be paid with submission of their application. The National Association for Home Care & Hospice reserves the right to evaluate and update this fee on an annual basis with notice.

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NAHC Private Duty Home Care Accreditation

NAHC Private Duty Home Care Accreditation sealIt is essential to establish standards that provide a framework on which to build a quality private duty organization. This framework, based on standards, will ultimately contribute to consumer protection for those served by the private duty home care organizations. This is exactly what is happening within many states right now: the need to put some type of standards in place with possible regulation by the state legislation.

The accreditation process requires an organization to undertake a comprehensive self-examination of all aspects of the business. This is accomplished through a self-study which serves as a detailed checklist for compliance with the standards.

With rapid growth and new business opportunities in private pay home care services, the basic values of home care’s rich heritage must be upheld from the business plan to the daily operations of service delivery to the clients and families. These values include caring, ethics in business, lifelong learning, leadership through service, and promotion of health and independence, and peaceful death.

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