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NAHC/HHFMA Webinar Series: Medicare Advantage Landscape – Part I

February 7, 2023

NAHC/HHFMA Webinar Series:
Medicare Advantage Landscape – Part I

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 | 2:00 – 3:30 PM EDT



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Home Care providers are struggling with the impacts of shifting the Medicare-eligible population into Medicare Advantage Managed Care plans (MA Plans). Forward-looking providers are asking important questions, such as: What are the implications of current demographic trends? What operational and financial issues should providers expect as their payer mix shifts to mostly Managed Care? Will providers have a future in a world where MA Plans also offer home-based services and products?

This session, the first in a Medicare Advantage series, will provide a foundational understanding of national and regional demographic trends and recent acquisition activity. We will hear payer and provider perspectives to understand key considerations that will shape Home Care providers short- and long-term plans.

Medicare Advantage Landscape (Part I) will:

  • Review past trends and provide a forecasted view of the Medicare-eligible population on a regional and national basis, differentiating between fee-for-service and managed care enrollees. 
  • Identify major MA Plans on a national and regional basis, the trends these plans are experiencing, and their strategic acquisitions impacting Home Care.
  • Contrast the health plan vs. provider perspectives in balancing quality, outcomes, and cost.
  • Highlight areas requiring attention in the short-term to enable a successful Provider-Payor relationship and in the longer-term view to position Home Care for valued MA Plan partnerships. 

Content Highlights Includes:

  • Medicare demographic and MA Plan trends
  • Strategic health plan acquisitions impacting Home Care
  • Provider and MA Plan considerations
  • Short and longer-term strategic planning framework


  • Joe Calcutt, CFO, Liberty Home Care
  • Wanda Coley, VP of Strategy, UnitedHealthCare Medicare & Retirement
  • Lindsay Doak, Director, BerryDunn
  • Angela Huff, Managing Consultant, FORVIS
  • Erin Masterson, Consulting Director, SimiTree

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