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Part Three: Ways Home Care & Hospice Agencies are Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Right Now

May 22, 2024

What are home health and hospice agencies doing right now to utilize artificial intelligence? See how Amedisys is dramatically reducing overall QA time and energy by using artificial intelligence.

  • Implementation of artificial intelligence in agencies
  • Amedisys’ innovative approach to leveraging AI for quality assurance (QA) processes
  • Significant reduction in QA time and energy through AI utilization
  • Specific AI technologies or solutions employed by Amedisys for QA optimization
  • Benefits of AI integration in improving efficiency and effectiveness of QA tasks
  • Real-world examples demonstrating the impact of AI on overall operations at Amedisys
  • Insights into the practical application of AI in healthcare settings
  • Potential implications of Amedisys’ AI adoption for the broader industry
  • Future prospects and potential expansions of AI utilization in home health and hospice agencies
  • Lessons learned and best practices from Amedisys’ experience with AI implementation

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

  • Abi Katz, VP, Executive Medical Director, Amedisys
  • Manjeet Kaur, VP, Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Risk, Amedisys
  • Beau Sorensen, COO, Visionbound International
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  • Non-Members: $199 per webinar; $399 for complete series

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Artificial Intelligence is expected to make a bigger impact on healthcare than the introduction of electricity. This technology will allow agencies of all sizes to dramatically change what they are doing and surf the wave of the future instead of swimming in the muck of the present. This pre-conference will help you to determine when to bring Artificial Intelligence into your organization, where to start using it, and how you can successfully utilize the biggest breakthrough in caregiving technology since antibiotics. Registration is set to open mid-April.