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Part Two: Legal & Regulatory Pitfalls for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

April 24, 2024

While the technology and promise behind artificial intelligence is exciting, it is essential that home health and hospice agencies stay compliant with government regulations, including patient privacy laws.

This webinar will help you move your agency forward while keeping you up to date on the latest rules and regulations from Washington, DC, so that you can safely and responsibly innovate.

  • Importance of staying compliant
  • Need for balancing innovation with adherence
  • Risks associated with non-compliance in the context of AI technology
  • Understanding the latest rules and regulations
  • Strategies for navigating regulatory challenges while embracing technological advancements
  • Consider patient safety and confidentiality amidst AI integration in healthcare
  • Practical tips for maintaining compliance while leveraging AI for agency advancement
  • Role of continuous education and training in staying abreast of evolving regulations
  • Addressing ethical considerations in AI implementation within healthcare settings
  • Case studies highlighting successful integration of AI while maintaining compliance

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

  • Kirby McDaniel, Senior Vice President, Applied Insights, WellSky 
  • Mark Burghart, Senior Director of Data Science, WellSky
  • Beau Sorensen, COO, Visionbound International
  • NAHC Members: $149 per webinar; $299 for complete series
  • Non-Members: $199 per webinar; $399 for complete series

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Artificial Intelligence is expected to make a bigger impact on healthcare than the introduction of electricity. This technology will allow agencies of all sizes to dramatically change what they are doing and surf the wave of the future instead of swimming in the muck of the present. This pre-conference will help you to determine when to bring Artificial Intelligence into your organization, where to start using it, and how you can successfully utilize the biggest breakthrough in caregiving technology since antibiotics. Registration is set to open mid-April.