Why was the HHFMA created?

The United States is in the midst of a major transformation in health care, bringing home care and hospice to the center of care delivery. With that change, the financial management of home care and hospice has grown in importance and complexity. HHFMA was created to serve as a crucial resource to the financial managers who want to take on these new opportunities and address emerging challenges.

HHFMA is a specialized professional association designed to meet the unique needs of today’s home care and hospice financial manager. HHFMA is a recognition that financial managers are essential to the future success of home care and hospice.

Who created HHFMA?

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice is the parent organization. For many years NAHC sponsored an informal Financial Mangers Work Group and has sponsored a Financial Managers Conference which each year bring together experts in the field of finance and management along with top CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s. The Board decided that a separate organization with a specialized staff was needed to best serve the industry.

What does the organization do?

Information – HHFMA will help keep members informed of the latest pertinent information relating to finance and management. This will be communicated via the listserv and the Call with Experts.

Advocacy – HHFMA will produce and distribute policy reports on relevant issues to the Congress and to the media.

Case Work and Problem Solving – HHFMA will help its members solve complex problems through benchmarking, White Paper publications, advice on the PDGM, Call with Experts, and more.

Networking – HHFMA provides its members with unique opportunities at conferences and webinars. The monthly Call with the Experts and the listserv are often used to discuss important topics.

Educational Programs – HHFMA will provide an opportunity to learn the latest information and earn continuing educational credits through in person conferences or distance learning programs.

White Paper Publication – HHFMA periodically publishes White Papers on various topics important to home care financial professionals.

Data Mining – HHFMA will “drill down” through current data to provide members with benchmarking statistics.

Strategic Planning – HHFMA will help with the development and implementation of their strategic plans.

Research – HHFMA will help to conduct or sponsor research to obtain relevant data or information which is not generally known or available.

Best Practices – HHFMA will seek to identify those practices which are common to the most progressive home care and hospice organizations and to help others to replicate these programs.

Environmental Analysis – HHFMA will help members learn what is happening within the current environment and how to use this information to better their organizations.

Information Technology vs. High-Touch
– HHFMA will work to bring Information Technology companies together with home care agencies with the goals of increasing access to service, improving the quality of care, lowering costs and developing data which agencies can use to guide their management decisions.