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Home Health Must Prepare for the Coming Revolution in Home Health Payment

November 29, 2018


Media Contact: Thomas Threlkeld
Director of Communications

Home Health Must Prepare for the Coming Revolution in Home Health Payment

NAHC to co-sponsor 12 intensive, day-long summits across the country

The Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) will revolutionize the payment methodology for all Medicare Home Health Agencies in the United States. Created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), PDGM is slated to debut on January 1, 2020, and home health agencies must prepare immediately for the most important change to the Medicare home health program in the 21st century. Agencies must undertake significant operational and organizational reforms in early 2019 to be prepared to successfully transition to PDGM.

To enable home health leaders to successfully manage this new payment landscape, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), the NAHC Forum of State Associations, the Home Care and Hospice Financial Management Association (HHFMA), and the Home Care Technology Association of America,  will co-sponsor 12 intensive one-day summits on transitioning to the PDGM. These in-depth summits, which will be held around the country in strategically located sites, will cover all aspects of managing the change to PDGM — operations, financial, clinical, data analytics, and technology.

Faculty for the seminars will be drawn from the very best home health consulting firms in the country. These industry experts will drill down to the important details of the radical changes coming to the entire payment methodology, including unit of payment, case mix adjuster, low utilization payment adjustment standards, payment for Non-Routine Medical Supplies, and more.

“PDGM will revolutionize how home care operates,” says NAHC President William A. Dombi. “Every Medicare Home Health Agency must carve its own path to the new payment model and attending one of these very special seminars is the absolute best way to make the transition to PDGM smooth and successful. An agency not prepared for PDGM is not prepared for the future.”

A website devoted to updating home health leaders about the PDGM summits has been launched at and we encourage you to explore it now.

Dates and locations for all the PDGM summits across the country are, as follows:

Conference Location Date
1. Orlando, Florida January 23, 2019
2. Kansas City, Missouri January 24, 2019
3. New Orleans, Louisiana February 5, 2019
4. Portland, Oregon February 6, 2019
5. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania February 7, 2019
6. Denver, Colorado February 13, 2019
7. Columbus, Ohio February 21, 2019
8. Charlotte, North Carolina February 27, 2019
9. Chicago, Illinois March 5, 2019
10. Boston, Massachusetts March 12, 2019
11. Los Angeles, California March 19, 2019
12. Dallas, Texas March 26, 2019

Pricing and the specific venues for each conference can be found at:

Material will be available for conference attendees to download and a studio-based video of the conference program will be made available at a later date.