A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

NAHC is working to elevate the image of home-based care!

We believe that care in the home is a center of innovation. Consumers want services that come to them, care delivery professionals want fulfilling and rewarding work, and policymakers and payers want lower cost/higher quality solutions. Home-based care is the future of healthcare.

NAHC is building the infrastructure and a coalition to raise the image of home-based care. We’ve compiled resources and tools on our website for providers to use that synthesize best practices.

A Campaign for Our Shared Future

NAHC has engaged with a cross section of the home-based care provider community and Transcend Strategy Group to begin building the infrastructure for a public campaign to raise the image of care in the home. The work has been broken into phases.

Phase One: In 2022 at the height of the staffing crisis, NAHC focused the first phase of the work around conducting extensive market research into clinicians and learners to understand their perceptions of home-based care as a career. It also developed messaging that would resonate with them. This work was shared with NAHC membership.

Phase Two: Work began in 2023 on the second phase of the image campaign. This phase consists of tangible deliverables for NAHC members to use at their programs to educate consumers, recruit and retain the best staff, and better understand payer mindsets. It will also build out the infrastructure for Phase Three – developing campaign names, key messages, strategies and quantifiable outcomes to measure the success of the project.

Phase Three: With the help of many stakeholders, including NAHC members, we will unveil and implement a multifaceted public campaign to raise the profile of home-based care. This may include messaging and strategies aimed at key stakeholders, such as consumers, clinicians, payers and policymakers. It will highlight home-based care as a center of innovation, value and consumer preference.

Get Involved!

We will need help, input and support from the entire provider community for this effort to realize its full potential. If you’d like to receive updates as we begin working towards Phase Three, please enter your information below and we’ll update you on future developments of the campaign.


NAHC has developed resources for the community to help recruit and retain the best talent, to develop mutually beneficial relationships with payers, and to educate consumers on the types of care that can be provided in their own homes. Check back frequently for updates as we build out more campaign assets!

Consumer Guide

This printable piece can be customized with your agency logo and used to help educate consumers about the care options available to them in their home. It also lists common insurance providers for these services and includes helpful questions to ask a potential provider.


Best Practices in Developing Relationships with Payers

This tip sheet was compiled after extensive interviews with MA plans for both home health and hospice, as well as individuals at leading home health and hospice providers with responsibility over contracting and value-based care. It discusses strategies and tactics for developing relationships with managed care plans.


Best Practices in Recruitment

Based on the Phase One research mentioned above, NAHC held interviews with chief people officers and heads of recruiting at a variety of home-based care organizations. This tip sheet compiles best practices and perspectives on how to attract top talent in a competitive hiring environment.

Best Practices in Retention

Recruitment is only half the struggle in staffing. Our research and membership tell us that turnover is stubbornly high. NAHC went a level deeper with our interviews to understand not only what gets an excellent clinician to come work for an agency, but what gets them to stay.

Questions? Email marketing@nahc.org and a member of the NAHC staff will respond.

Stay informed with news about the image campaign here.