We are happy to shine a spotlight on exemplary mentors and mentees making a profound impact in the home health, hospice, and community-based service sectors. As we honor these outstanding individuals, we celebrate their dedication, wisdom, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in our industry. Join us in recognizing and applauding their invaluable contributions as we pay tribute to excellence in mentorship.

Cynthia Campbell, WellSky

Cindy was named Mentor of the Year for 2023 due to her outstanding commitment to providing invaluable support and resources to her mentee, enhancing their role in both their company and the home health and hospice industries. Through her connections with subject matter experts and genuine care for her mentee’s personal and professional growth, Cindy has made a significant impact. Her mentoring approach has inspired increased involvement in NAHC and participation in key events, leading to a broader understanding of innovative leadership and quality care practices. Cindy’s guidance has truly been transformative, fostering meaningful development and opportunities for her mentee’s advancement.

Marcylle Combs, MAC Legacy

Marcylle was named Mentor of the Year in 2023 for her exceptional qualities as a mentor, including her knowledge, commitment, and encouragement. Despite her busy schedule, she consistently provided valuable guidance and support to her mentee, encouraging them to engage with industry groups. Her approach to mentoring left a lasting impact, empowering her mentee’s professional growth and development. Marcylle’s dedication and contributions to the mentoring program make her a deserving recipient for this recognition.

Sarah Rachac, Riverstone Health

Sarah is Manager of Volunteer Services at Riverstone Health. With a background in social work and experience as a Hospice volunteer coordinator, Sarah adeptly oversees volunteers for their patients. Her focus on efficiency and volunteer satisfaction reflects her dedication to enhancing services and expanding volunteer availability. Observers note Sarah’s commitment to improving the volunteer program and organizational efficiency.