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Coronavirus Products and Services Resource Page

August 28, 2023

Coronavirus Products and Services Resource Page

This page contains a listing of companies that have products and/or services to help home care and hospice providers care for their patients safely during the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. None of these products or services have been endorsed by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and we cannot vouch for their effectiveness. The content on this page is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to advertise any products or services.

If you would like your company listed on this page, please contact Christopher Adams at Please make sure to include any free resources you have available to NAHC members to help them navigate the coronavirus.


Company: Citus Health
Category of Business: Telehealth
Description:  Connecting remotely in real-time with care team members, patients and family members has never been more critical than it is today during the COVID-19 crisis.  And as federal and state regulations change daily to encourage the use of telehealth technology, you now have the opportunity to do so at no cost to you.  Citus Health was founded and designed by a post-acute care nurse and provides the complete collaboration solution for hospice and home health providers.

Click here for complimentary FULL access to CareConnect, our secure staff, patient and caregiver messaging and video chat solution for 60 days.  This is a completely free, no strings attached offer, and we can have you up and running quickly.

Company: Corridor
Category of Business: Coding, Clinical Documentation Review, Revenue Cycle, Education
Description: Corridor is committed to supporting and protecting your business during COVID-19. ej4, a Corridor course partner for CHEX+ eLearning, has created free COVID-19 educational short videos on YouTube. Each video is brief, but contains valuable information and recommended guidelines to keep yourself and those around you safe as we navigate COVID-19. We are also offering a free Pandemic Infectious Disease Policy which can be downloaded and edited to include your local, state and organization’s information.

Our experts are available to help you navigate the documentation, coding and billing changes you need to make for COVID-19. Click here to take advantage of Corridor’s free COVID-19 resources.

Company: Current Health
Category of Business: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Platform
Description: Current Health is a patient monitoring platform that combines vital-sign sensors, connectivity with other devices, and telemedicine capability into a single platform. We allow home health agency staff to monitor, manage and intervene in the health of patients at home, without having to expose themselves to potential coronavirus infection. Use virtual visits to assess and treat patients. Use our customizable symptom chatbot to stratify and triage patients. Keep your healthcare staff safer and healthy, thus further increasing capacity to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit our website to learn more and schedule an online demonstration.

Company: Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc.
Category of Business: Home Care & Hospice Consulting
Description: Healthcare Provider Solutions (HPS) is working hard in response to COVID-19 and its impact on Home Care and Hospice. CEO, Melinda Gaboury is providing educational webinars FREE through Home Care and Hospice State Associations. HPS is also providing webinars and educational blogs to keep agencies up to date. HPS consultants are also prepared to assist agencies in applying for financial assistance during this emergency. HPS is very appreciative to all the frontline workers trying to keep our nation safe. See the following link for COVID-19 resources:

Company: Home Health Systems, Inc.
Category of Business: Infection Prevention and Control Consulting, Education and Publications
Description: Mary McGoldrick, a Home Care and Hospice Infection Preventionist, is providing education and consulting services on how to prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. A comprehensive, evidenced-based Home Care Infection Prevention and Control Program manual, specific to care in the home and inpatient hospice unit, provides guidelines for preventing infections, including COVID-19. This manual is 550+ pages and can be adopted as the organization’s infection prevention and control program.

Preview the table of contents and learn more about the Home Care Infection Prevention and Control Program manual.

Company: Integriti3D
Category of Business: Board Development and Strategy
Description: Is your board adrift or paddling in concert during this crisis? Integtriti3D has developed a Checklist for Home Health and Hospice Boards Facing a National Crisis that is available for free to NAHC members.

To make sure your board is claiming their role as strong and supportive partners of their chief executives, keeping a long-term perspective, mitigating risk, reassuring stakeholders and ensuring that the organization is ready to address foreseeable ethical issues, click here to access the checklist.

Company: MAC Legacy
Category of Business: Coding, Education and Consulting
Description: Healthcare can be complicated and we are a resource that simplifies it with our tools, education and services. We have created a free letter that agencies can use to provide information to their patients on COVID-19. We are also offering a free webinar to help instruct you in updating your EPP related to the pandemic.

The MAC Legacy team is here to support you throughout this pandemic. We are committed to developing new tools and education (like those mentioned above) as more information is released from the CDC, CMS and NAHC. We’ve worked closely with agencies for 25 years to help them manage their EPP and are happy to answer any questions about yours. Give us a call today!

Company: MatrixCare by ResMed
Category of Business: Home health, hospice and private duty EHR
Description: With recent concerns around COVID-19, more and more people are turning to technology to better prepare their clinical operations for emergencies. Now, you can leverage the latest innovations to help your organization stay protected. MatrixCare’s cloud-based solutions and mobile apps allow your team to work from anywhere, providing at risk patient alerts, screening tools appropriate patient education and a HIPAA-compliant communication app allowing for remote and secure communications. With innovations driving our care coordination tools, medication management, telemedicine capabilities and remote patient monitoring, your team will able to provide seamless and safe patient care.

Find out more about COVID-19 support through technology by MatrixCare (formerly Brightree) and our partners.

Company: Mueller Prost
Category of Business:
Description: Mueller Prost has implemented a COVID-19 Tactical Hotline to assist with any accounting, business and tax concerns and ensure our partners are equipped to conquer any business challenges. We are donating our time to respond to questions and to provide resources via our website. This hotline can be accessed via phone (314) 337-6477 or visit us at muellerprost.com

Company: Simione Healthcare Consultants
Category of Business: 
Home Health/Hospice Consulting and Talent Solutions
Description: Simione provides free webinar speakers to industry associations to improve safety and compliance for more effective operations during the coronavirus pandemic. Topics include guidance for more effective operations on staffing, workflow, communication with referral sources, emergency preparedness planning and implementation, and regulatory compliance, and finance and technology to ensure team productivity, revenue cycle management, and best-practice connectivity for remote workforce operations.

Register for Simione’s free COVID-19 response webinar series, or request a webinar presenter for your program on coronavirus response.

Company: Thornberry Ltd
Category of Business: Home Health and Hospice EMR
Description: An EMR partner to Home Health and Hospice providers for over 20 years, Thornberry has been monitoring the CDC and CMS guidelines and keeping customers apprised of changes in workflow to help them effectively document and manage this unprecedented pandemic.

Download our COVID-19 Care Planning Guide

Company: Transcend Strategy Group
Category of Business: Communications, operations, culture consultants
Description: Transcend Strategy Group helps senior care providers grow to their true potential by reframing value and more meaningfully connecting with audiences. For nearly 20 years, we have consistently delivered topline revenue growth of 100-400 percent, expanding providers’ ability to deliver the best quality care. During the coronavirus pandemic, agencies are tapping Transcend’s expertise in crisis management support, including employee, referrer and family communications. Transcend also is helping providers quickly design efficient and effective processes to navigate the quickly changing landscape.

Transcend is offering free crisis management and communications counsel to all senior care providers. Click here to sign up.

Company: Trella Health
Category of Business: Healthcare Analytics Solution, Medicare Claims Data
Description: Trella Health is committed to serving the healthcare community during this pandemic. As ‘Innovators’ under CMS’s Virtual Research Data Center Program, Trella has access to 100% of Medicare Part A and Part B claims data and can see the most complete picture of care activity in your service area. We understand how important home health and hospice agencies are in helping our country defeat COVID-19 and stand ready to assist as you work diligently to care for your employees, your patients, and their loved ones.

Trella is offering a free, personalized recommendation to agencies looking for a data-driven approach to guide their COVID-19 response. Example insights include specific physicians or facilities that could benefit from your services during the pandemic. Learn more here. Trella has also created a COVID-19 heatmap, which visualizes counties with large populations of patients considered high-risk for serious illness if infected with COVID-19. View here.


Company: Acurata Triage Scheduling Solution
Category of Business: Triage and Home Health Scheduling
Description: The Coronavirus pandemic appears to be creating a dual crisis for healthcare providers; increased visit requests, and healthcare workers becoming ill, preventing them from providing care and creating staffing shortages. The combination of higher demand and less available staff, makes efficient scheduling of field nurses and CNAs more important than ever. Acurata is working with NAHC to make our Triage and On Call scheduling solution available to hospices and home health agencies at no charge during this crisis. We will waive any fees for at least a 30 day period, with absolutely no obligation to continue after that.
During this time of increased anxiety, it’s our goal to help organizations maintain a high level of patient care, and help reduce stress on their patients and staff.

Company: BetterRX and
Category of Business: Telehealth
Description: With telehealth recommended wherever possible right now due to COVID-19, BetterRX has partnered with to provide a free HIPAA and CMS compliant telehealth solution for hospice. It’s not only free, but it’s easy to set up, and it works on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Click here to get started today with free compliant virtual visits. The BetterRX team is available to help if you have any questions or would like to see a quick demo.

Company: CaptionCall
Category of Business: Telecommunications
Description: Many providers are turning to phone calls for visits, and also give patients’ extremely important information. If the patient has hearing loss that affects their ability to understand them on the phone, the results could be disastrous. We are stewards of a federally funded program which provides a no cost live captioning telephone and service. There is no cost to the provider or patient at any time, and once certified, the patient can keep the phone and service for life! Together, we can help our seniors receive accurate medical information while keeping them connected for a healthier life.

For more information, call 801-669-1191 to get your patients a captioning phone.

Company:Consensus, by J2 Global
Category of Business: Healthcare Interoperability Software
Description: Consensus, offered by J2 Global, the leader in cloud fax technology, provides easy interoperability with streamlined workflows in a simple platform that keeps you connected through each patient’s continuum of care. Recently, Consensus launched a free Patient Record Query service during the COVID-19 crisis, giving front-line providers access to a patient records database and enabling them to prioritize high risk patients and make better decisions at the point of care.

Learn more about Consensus’ free Patient Record Query, enabling providers to prioritize and make better decisions through each patient’s continuum of care. 

Company Name: GetWellNetwork
Category of Business: Digital Health
Description: GetWellNetwork has responded to COVID-19 developments by constructing a Readiness Center on its website to help medical facilities, patients and families better navigate uncertain times with existing and newly developed digital tools. In addition to tools, the new web pages offer solutions to scaling information sharing, guiding patients and easing the burden for care teams. The new digital tools are helping to manage and mitigate the coronavirus pandemic while helping patients and families better navigate these uncertain times.

“Leverage GetWellNetwork solutions in your COVID-19 response and find out how they can support your care teams while also engaging patients at home or in any care setting.”

Company Name: Innovaccer, Inc.
Category of Business: Telehealth, Virtual Monitoring, Automated Self-Assessments, Patient Education
Description: Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management System assists healthcare organizations in providing immediate assistance to patients through remote assessments, virtual care, education, automated outreach, and guidance. It allows providers to connect with their patients through free telehealth offerings remotely to virtually triage their patients with CDC-based guidelines for risk assessment sent via phones and conduct follow up for symptom tracking. It leverages advanced analytics to track and manage high-risk patients and spot high-risk geographies through real-time dashboards and task manager. With evidence-based triaging and self-assessments, providers can help their patients conduct an initial assessment of their health conditions and take the necessary steps.

Please click here to understand the solution in detail and get your own free version of the application.

Company: Luminostics
Category of Business: COVID Testing
Description: Luminostics designs and manufactures a highly accurate COVID-19 rapid antigen test called the Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test. The test uses a smartphone to automatically read and report results and was built for use in nontraditional testing settings, like the home. The Clip COVID test is 100% specific and 96.9% sensitive, and returns results within 30 minutes, meaning accuracy and turnaround time are no longer mutually exclusive.

We’re eager to improve the home care and hospice experience for both patients and staff by offering an affordable and accurate rapid testing solution, and invite you to get in touch to learn more!

Company Name: Mazda
Category of Business: Vehicles/Essential Car Care Program
Description: Mazda North American Operations announced it will provide free standard oil changes and enhanced cleaning services for U.S. healthcare workers at participating dealers nationwide. This program, which began on April 16, is not limited to Mazda owners and is available for most makes and models from other manufacturers.  The Essential Car Care program, developed in partnership with the Mazda dealer network, will invest a minimum of $5 million as part of the initiative.

Full list of Mazda dealers participating in the Essential Car Care program. If you are a healthcare worker and have questions or comments about the program, please contact the Mazda Customer Experience Center at 1-800-222-5500 or click here.

Company: MedBridge
Category of Business: Online Professional Development and Patient Engagement Solution Provider
Description: MedBridge’s all-in-one solution is designed to help Home Health and Hospice Organizations increase staff retention, lower operational costs, and deliver effective patient care more efficiently. As part of our commitment to doing everything we can to support the healthcare community during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are launching a series of innovative solutions and free resources to help you keep your doors open, reduce anxieties, ensure safety, and above all, deliver effective patient care, whether remotely or in-person.

These solutions include our new COVID-19 Toolkitfree online infection prevention courses, and our Telehealth Virtual Visits offering.

Company: Medtronic Care Management Services
Category of Business: Remote Patient Monitoring
Description: With the rapid spread of COVID-19, alternative approaches to evaluating, patient monitoring, and education are urgently needed to reduce additional population exposure to the virus and ease the burden on healthcare providers and facilities. Medtronic Care Management Services (MCMS) COVID-19 solutions evaluate, remotely monitor, and provide Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based recommendations for patients who may have potential exposure to, or diagnosis with COVID-19. Additionally, the program may be used for those who may be at higher risk for COVID-19 complications as defined by the CDC.

Contact MCMS to learn more.

Company: NexHealth
Category of Business: Telehealth and Patient Management
Description: NexHealth is a full service premiere telehealth and patient management platform for healthcare organizations of all sizes. A HIPAA compliant system with automated reminders, video services, online booking, and much more. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering our Telehealth services for free.

Enroll in our free Telehealth Services

Company: Skedulo
Category of Business: Workforce Optimization
Description: Skedulo is Intelligent mobile workforce management. The Skedulo platform is built for the modern workforce and designed with the mobile caregiver in mind. Skedulo can simplify complex scheduling and patient assignments, improve patient experience and delivery of care and increase operational efficiency so that providers can easily manage their most precious resources.

Here is a link that will provide you with more information.

Company: SutureHealth (SutureSign)
Category: eSignature
Description: Many physician offices are closed, so now it’s even harder to get signatures. SutureHealth provides a HIPAA-compliant eSignature platform, SutureSign, that enables physicians to easily and remotely sign all documents from any outside provider, including home health agencies, in one place. Agencies are taking advantage of SutureSign during the quarantine to more effectively manage their orders and cash flow.

Take advantage of our offer for one free month of SutureSign. Working together we will grow stronger and overcome in these trying times.

Company: Synzi
Category of Business:
Description: Synzi provides a HIPAA-compliant patient-facing app which enables clinicians, patients and family caregivers to connect via video, secure messaging, text/email. During the coronavirus pandemic, agencies are using Synzi to conduct virtual visits with their patients if a patient is quarantined, has denied in-person service, or if the patient (or nurse) is “social distancing.”  Agencies also use the Synzi platform to broadcast COVID-19 updates and conduct clinical assessments with their patients.

Learn more about Synzi’s free offer to quickly broadcast a coronavirus-related message to all of your patients, saving valuable staff hours and expense. Synzi can also help your agency get set-up to conduct virtual visits with your patients in order to safely ensure the continuity of care.

Company: The Sepsis Institute
Category of business: Non-profit
Description: Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening response to an infection, such as COVID-19. The Sepsis Institute (TSI) is an online learning platform, created by Sepsis Alliance, that provides healthcare professionals with no cost, high quality, evidence-based sepsis education and training to improve diagnosis and outcomes.

Seniors and people with chronic conditions are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Sepsis can develop from this type of viral infection. Register for Sepsis and Home healthcare, a training module designed specifically for home healthcare professionals, that covers sepsis risk factors, identification, screening methods (SIRS, qSOFA), the Home Care Association Adult Sepsis Screening tool, treatment, and moreRegister now!

Company: Tomorrow Health 
Category of Business: Durable Medical Equipment, Supplies, & Services (DME). Patient Education, Partner to Home Health Agencies
Description: As the need for home-based care increased dramatically during COVID, we heard of many patients facing access issues as local retail providers of DME closed their doors or were unable to serve patients at home. With our nationwide distribution network and the ability to deliver virtual care, we can partner to serve both the COVID-infected and the COVID-affected as a modern, tech-enabled and customer-service forward home medical equipment & supplies company. We offer easy patient referrals and our team of Care Advocates work directly with patients and Home Health Agencies to personalize product selection, patient education, and ongoing support, including enabling insurance reimbursement based on a patient’s plan. Through COVID and beyond, we are committed to providing a healthcare experience that feels like what we would expect for our loved ones in a time of need.

Company: TridentCare  
Category of Business: Portable X-Ray and Ultrasound Services
Description:  TridentCare provides hospital-quality portable diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound to patients wherever they call home. We offer a solution to patients, families and caregivers challenged with transportation needs and concerns. Our portable services, which are available seven days per week, reduce the stress of transportation, crowded spaces and prolonged wait times and, importantly, reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 associated with having these services performed in hospitals and urgent care settings. Our professionally trained, fully screened and vetted technologists have been trained on, and are in compliance with, current COVID-19 related CDC guidance and infection prevention standards.

Please visit us to see how we are protecting our employees and the patients we serve. Use this exam request form to place an order.

Company: WellEntry
Category of Business: Screening, Data, Analytics, Technology
Description: You’re already making it a top priority to protect your staff and patients from COVID-19 while complying with state and federal guidelines, but how much administrative overhead has this added to your operations? Is the data you’re collecting accurate? Is it secure? Can you access real-time reports and analysis of any trends? If you’ve been relying on phoned-in or emailed self-screenings and manual entry into spreadsheets, WellEntry by 7Factor Software has a better solution that can save you time while securing your data and empowering you with real-time population health intelligence. WellEntry’s health-screening platform accelerates screenings through the WellEntry Go app. WellEntry is trusted by Aveanna Healthcare, the nation’s largest provider of pediatric home care services, to screen their 30,000 caregivers.

To learn more about how WellEntry can help you protect your staff and patients, contact us to schedule a demo today.