As the owner of an agency that provides in-home care and services, you are likely dealing with numerous challenges relating to the COVID-19 public health emergency. In addition, many of your staff likely have concerns regarding the safety and effacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s important to reassure your staff through leading by example and by providing them with focused, consistent, and most importantly, transparent communication.

We’ve asked our member organizations what they’ve done to help alleviate the concerns of their staff and wanted to share a few tips and resources that you can use at your agency.

Banner Health

  • Reimbursement for employees who elected to receive the vaccine (hourly rate (2 hours) plus $25 travel stipend)
  • Weekly virtual Town Halls for information on all things COVID-19, with recent focus on vaccine efficacy/safety and support in appointment scheduling
  • Bi-weekly virtual “COVID-19 Vaccine Office Hours” with physicians and Infection Prevention leaders to discuss vaccine efficacy/safety; Q&A
  • Internal communications showing team members taking selfies receiving vaccine

Dignity Health

  • Outreach to local physicians with information on education and vaccination
  • Sharing video of live town hall meetings and educational materials
  • “I got vaccinated” stickers
  • Celebrating vaccinations

Knute Nelson

  • Continued educational blasts via email and social media
  • Held drawings for gift cards for those who chose to take the vaccine
  • Our medical director recorded a short video on why everyone should take the vaccine
  • Leadership team has reached out to staff who declined to share some of the benefits and risks

Trinity Health at Home

  • Frequent town hall meetings featuring epidemiologists, our CMO, and several other health professionals, allowed the opportunity for Q&A
  • Made a concerted effort to have leaders of color speak publicly about their reasons for being vaccinated, given the tainted history of some vaccinations
  • Set a good example by having the leadership of the organization go early –within the groups specified by the CDC and/or the particular state – and publicly acknowledge they received the vaccine
  • Since we’re a faith-based and Catholic organization, it was very important to many colleagues to know that the Catholic church supports vaccination as part of supporting the common good
  • Daily emails providing information on how to be vaccinated and debunking at least one myth a day


Text Message:
Hi <First Name>. I just took the COVID-19 vaccine to help protect myself, my family, my patients, and my community. We’re all in this together

Dispelling myths

There are numerous reasons why there is a lack of confidence surrounding the vaccine.

Concern 1: Getting COVID from the vaccine

Concern 2: Allergies

Concern 3: Religious Reasons

Concern 4: Vaccine trials weren’t tested on people of color

What about Tuskegee?


Racial Diversity within COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials: Key Questions and Answers

Cedars Sinai